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Sound & Vision And The Philosophy of Duende

We feel that being musicians and recording artists ourselves we understand musician's needs while working on videos or photographs and the attention to detail, patience, meticulousness and enthusiasm the process requires. We offer our ideas and input, while at the same time focusing on making sure the artist's ideas and vision come to reality.

Our artistic influences are wide ranging, going back in time all the way to the silent film era, Film Noir, the "Golden Age" of music videos and New Wave, surrealism and contemporary. Through our work, world travel and life throughout Europe, New York City and Nashville we have crossed paths and got inspired by a myriad of world known musicians, photographers  and film makers. 

Most of all we pride ourselves on our relationships with the artists we work with. We are looking forward to collaborating with you and bringing your vision to life!

Anana Kaye & Irakli Gabriel

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